1.  What do we have to do to make our home a “Sanctuary Home in Resistance”?

Declaring your home to be a “Sanctuary Home in Resistance” requires you and everyone in your home to make a conscious, long-term decision to actively join the resistance against the hate, intolerance, and madness sweeping our society.

Civil liberties ~ use them or lose them. Would you post this sign in your window or on your door?

2.  I thought only churches and cities could declare sanctuary. Can we really do it at our home?

Of course you can…actually, our homes are the only constitutionally protected place we have left.  There are innumerable historical examples of individual homes and apartments offering both public and private sanctuary.  Consider the Dutch family home where Anne Frank hid from the Nazi’s during the Second World War and the family homes which served as stops on the US underground railroad during slavery times.  During the Vietnam War many Canadian families publicly opened their homes to undocumented US war resisters. During the recent urban uprising in Ferguson, MO innumerable families opened their doors and hearts to youth fleeing police violence. Many places of worship plus innumerable educational and medical facilities have already declared themselves to be sanctuary; two states and lots of cities have also joined.


3.  What exactly should we do after declaring our home to be a public “Sanctuary Home in Resistance”?

No two “Sanctuary Home in Resistance” will chose the same course of action.  You must talk and plan with your family or roommates to decide how to proceed.    Perhaps you’ll want to offer traditional sanctuary to migrants, refugees, LBGT people at risk, or domestic violence survivors.   Other homes might start eating together with families in danger or with your entire neighborhood building community in resistance.

Some will choose to organize demonstrations and direct actions.  We hope everyone will help spread the resistance.

4.  Will we be breaking the law if we declare our home a “Sanctuary Home in Resistance”?

No. There are no laws against declaring sanctuary or against joining the resistance.  These actions are protected “free speech”.  However, we must all carefully consid




r every action we take as a “Sanctuary House in Resistance” and educate ourselves about legal consequences.  We also must consider the moral consequences of not acting as the face of evil devastates our planet and destroys the lives of our friends, families, and neighbors.

5.  What’s the difference between a public “Sanctuary Home in Resistance” and a private one.?

A public “Sanctuary Home in Resistance” is a home which publicly declares itself to be a safe and supportive place for individuals and families under attack by the government or by hateful individuals or groups.  Other families and collectives are choosing to create more private, or even clandestine, sanctuary sites.  In these hard times we need many, many places of sanctuary and resistance ~ they may be public or private “Sanctuary Homes in Resistance”, but we are truly indivisible.

6.  How can we get a yard sign to publicly identify my home, school, or place of worship as a “Sanctuary Home in Resistance”?

We’ll bring you a sign in person if you’re in the San Diego area!  Just send us your name, address, and phone via email at <contact@sanctuarysandiego.org> and we’ll arrange to have a volunteer deliver your sign.  The cost of each sign is $10, but you can pay that over time if cash is running low.  The important thing is to act now to make a visual impact of “Sanctuary Homes in Resistance”.  If you’re out of town, we’ll mail one to you.

7.  Why are people hosting teach-ins and parties in support of “Sanctuary Homes in Resistance” and how can our house host such a party?

House parties and teach-ins are our central way to meet like-minded people while opening new “Sanctuary Homes in Resistance”.  Please let us know via email <contact@sanctuarysandiego.org> when you set a date for your party; we’ll post the date on this web page, deliver literature and yard signs, and help however you can to strengthen your sanctuary home and community in resistance.